At Atlantis Masonry Victoria, we believe in bringing out the true potential of any home in a unique, custom approach to each and every masonry job.

With years of experience and knowledge we have created beautiful, quality stonework for Victoria homes. We do stone patios, paving, retaining walls, fireplaces, and fire pits, to name a few. We work with a variety of materials, including stone, brick, and paving, and we can perform other types of construction as well.

Our masonry designs will transform any space into a personal oasis.


If you enjoy outdoor living and entertaining, a patio is an attractive choice. Unlike a deck, a patio puts you at the same level as your garden instead of above it. Patio placement allows pathways and greenery to be incorporated into the design.

A patio requires less maintenance and repair than a deck. It does not require refinishing or staining. Patios have benefits such as providing cooler surfaces than decks on hot days. Also, patios will never splinter or rot. A patio will last for many decades when constructed professionally.

At Atlantis Masonry Victoria, we are proud of working with customers to build a flawless patio as an amazing extension their homes. By creating the perfect design and selecting the right materials, your new patio will improve the beauty of your property.



There are specific reasons why homeowners in Victoria prefer to use paving stones rather than concrete. Pavers are stronger – therefore more resistant to earthquakes, less expensive to repair, and enhance the attractiveness of a home property, unlike concrete ever could. They are considered by many a great investment.

At Atlantis Masonry Victoria, we are experts at installing pavers, whether you need a pathway or a whole driveway. We work alongside you to choose the desired colors, textures, and patterns that will compliment your home.

When picking a paving contractor, you want one who not only provides high quality work, but one who will create a unique design that matches your home. We do both at Atlantis Masonry Victoria.



Atlantis Masonry Victoria’s wall designs are not only based on the final appearance. Our masons factor in the site and drainage to make ensure that your new retaining wall / stone wall looks amazing and has durability that will make the structure last for years.

We work alongside you to choose the right materials and create a custom wall design, so that it beautifully compliments your property.

Each home and landscape hold unique challenges for mason contractors. Our masonry company in Victoria has the knowledge and expertise to overcome these challenges, thus building stone walls that will last a lifetime.


Are Cobblestone Pavers Right for You?

Cobblestone pavers are tremendously elegant and very durable, the potential downfall is they could be more expensive than other pavers. If you are looking for a low-cost driveway, you may want to consider concrete pavers, concrete, asphalt, etc.  But, you can’t go wrong with cobblestone if you want a beautiful, durable, and unique driveway!

If you like the look of cobblestone pavers but can’t afford a full cobblestone driveway, one option would be to install a cobblestone border, or a decorative cobblestone inlay in the middle of the driveway. Here is a list to reiterate the benefits of cobblestone:

  • Very durable
  • Adds value to the home
  • Attractive appearance
  • Water-permeable surface

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