K2 Stone offers a natural stone masonry choice for interior and exterior building applications. Our stone veneer products can be installed onto nearly any surface when the correct surface is prepared. For those wishing to create an installation with true architectural depth traditional full bed building stones are available. Some popular applications include: Exterior stone walls, chimneys, pillars, gate posts, fireplaces, and barbeques.

Cut to about 1 inch thick, K2’s stone is real stone.  It is light enough to be installed as a veneer. Occasionally referred to as thin veneer, thin stone offers all the benefits that have made artificial rock so popular – meanwhile, retaining the beauty and durability of the real stone. It can be used both as an interior and exterior finish.

K2 Stone produces the highest quality natural stone, all of our products are quarried and cut within North America and are one of the best building materials. K2 Stone Veneer is 1″ thick and can easily be applied to both interior and exterior surfaces. Typical stone veneer applications include exterior cladding, interior feature walls, fireplaces, firepits, BBQ surrounds and stone posts.


Natural ledge stone has a rectangular shape. It works well with all types of architecture. Ledge stone can enhance the beauty of traditional building, rugged appeal of timber frame construction or the long clean lines found in contemporary design. This profile is the most versatile stone type, as it is offered in a wide variety of unique color combinations.


We offer a wide assortment of stone veneer profiles that are ideal for modern home designs. When choosing a stone profile for a modern design it’s good to look for a stone that has a linear orientation. Contemporary architectural designs typically feature long clean lines. Our most popular natural stone types for modern design include Micro Ledge, Urban, Ashlar, or Stacked Stone profiles.


Because of their large irregular shapes, field stone profiles are best known for traditional design. They can also be applied to modern designs as they provide great contrast against long clean linear architecture. Field stone is a large shaped stone with no visible grain. This stone is best installed on a large canvas because of its size. Field stone is usually installed in a random pattern with the mortar joint or over grout technique.

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