We are proud of doing work to preserve Victoria’s precious historic masonry by providing our clients with a complete range of superior restoration, conservation, preservation, and reconstruction services.



We are masonry specialists when it comes to commercial and residential heritage stone restorations.

If your need repair work, brickwork repointing, Terra-cotta and brick repair, cast stone from molds, or rock face finishes, we can guarantee our quality of work to shine through in our craftsmanship from start to finish.

Our work is backed up by decades of masonry knowledge and experience that we offer our Victoria customers, we strive to achieve the best results every single time. We ensure proper wall preparation and old joint removal and we can match traditional lime putty mortar colours and textures.


The bricks in your home or commercial space serve a function. They protect and separate your living/working space from the outdoor elements. Deteriorated brick is not only an eyesore but it can lead to water penetration and cause costly damage to your home.

By carefully inspecting a building we can examine the brickwork and determine which ones should be replaced. That may involve individual brick replacement or multiple full sectional rebuild. When restoring brickwork, we always try to match everything so that it flows impeccably, including the bricks we use, and the mortar. If possible, we re-use the original bricks by flipping them over and using the side that was protected from the weather while in the wall. Certain brick manufacturers have products that help blend new brick with historical brickwork. If we can’t reclaim bricks for use on your home, we use those particular bricks.

Hot Lime or Quick Lime Mortar

Hot Lime or Quick Lime is Calcium oxide (CaO), It has various uses  but was used for mortar in old masonry buildings until Portland Cement arrived. There is a debate  in the masonry world about the use of this product, The product expands and contracts and and is a much more workable material compared to modern cement based mortar. Modern mortars are often to hard and in historical buildings it can actually damage the stone or brick, using this product has its advantages and disadvantages.

It lasts a long time and can be used with products like fly ash and fiberglass to strengthen it, it allows the stone or brick to breath so moisture does not get trapped and escapes. It is also less expensive then modern mortars

when moisture is introduced to the raw lime it creates a chemical reaction and begins to heat up sometimes to 200-300 degrees, while making this mortar it is very important to wear proper safety gear as it boils, smokes and if it enters into your eye it can cause a extreme amount of discomfort.

The curing process is also quite extensive, the mortar needs to remain in a humid environment often hanging blankets over the work and spraying it down everyday with water for it to cure properly or it will become brittle and will have to be reapplied. Once cured it is a very durable material that works very well.



Keep stone clean and restore its beauty with our stone-cleaning products and services. Our products are thoroughly tested by expert stonemasons. Restoring building’s stone or removing substances from masonry takes commitment and patience.

The stone buildings we have cleaned cover all types of natural stone (bathstone, limestone, sandstone and more), and the structures we’ve worked on vary from historic buildings like churches to old office buildings.

We conduct pre-cleaning stone surveys – we assess the structure and surface and advising on the best removal method. We match the right stone-cleaning methods to the job and get it done effectively and in a timely manner.

Our products and services do the following:

  • Improve the stone appearance and protect it from future elements
  • Remove unwanted paintwork, stains, and residue
  • Remove carbon sulphation and other unwanted substances
  • Remove oil- and water-based masonry paint
  • Remove environmental stains from stone and masonry
  • Protect stone from mould and bacteria.

For further information about our services please contact us with the details and requirements of your restoration project.

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