We offer masonry fireplace installation and chimney repairs that consist of:  chimney crown repairs & crown re construction, rain cap & top sealing damper installations, mortar joint re tuck-pointing, roof flashing installations & water leak repairs, fireplace firebox repairs, brick laying & brick replacement,  smoke chamber repairs & reparging, as well as new chimney liner installations.

In order to prevent damage from the water and snow, basic chimney maintenance is required. A chimney will not function well, and can prematurely weather and become unsafe when it is not properly constructed. It is imperative that the flashing system around the chimney and other roof entry points are properly sealed installed.  A poorly constructed chimney crown will result in damage to the mortar joints, chimney mass, smoke chamber, firebox and possibly other areas of your home.  


Atlantis Masonry Victoria Fireplaces are a beautiful accent to a room. Not only is it beautiful, it’s cozy and warm. There is no substitute for the charm and atmosphere created by an open fire which is why Atlantis Masonry Victoria offers a fireside experience that is like no other.

Masonry Fireplaces are sculpted out of mortar materials such as concrete blocks, bricks, stone and other materials that provide longevity as well as a lifetime of service and beauty. Wood burning in a Masonry Fireplace has become a tradition around the globe. Masonry fireplaces are not just seen in old homes but are also built in newer homes and the tradition of the Masonry fireplace is still carried on today.


The chimney crown is the top component of every masonry chimney, and is also referred to as the Chimney Cap. This area can also be referred to as the chimney cap, concrete cap, or chase cover.  Sometimes, the crown, in charge of protecting the inside of your chimney from water, can quickly deteriorate and allow water to cause chaos on the inside and exterior of your chimney.

A properly functioning chimney crown should be constructed to provide an overhang of at least 2 inches with a drip edge to protect the sides of the chimney.  Chimney liners should have a heat expansion joint between itself and the concrete crown as it allows for the flue to expand and contract without causing harm when your wood burning unit is operating.


Tuck pointing (tuckpointing), pointing, repointing, spot pointing, & brick chimney repair.  Tuck pointing (tuckpointing) restores the masonry mortar joints between your masonry bricks to eliminate water intrusion, prevent structural compromise, and restores the integrity & aesthetic value of your chimney.

Tuck pointing (tuckpointing) can be defined as the removal and replacement of mortar between stone, block, or brick. Canadian Chimney masonry repair crews will replace the existing failing mortar with new mortar (tuck-point) to match the original masonry texture and color as closely as possible. Once mortar has been placed within the joint, it is then tooled. When done properly, tuck pointing (tuckpointing) will provide a strong, water resistant joint that will extend the life of your masonry chimney and prevent future brick chimney repair needs.

Deteriorated brickwork weakens the chimneys structural integrity and allows cold drafts, water, and insects to invade your home.


Mediocre installation, or maintenance can result in water entering your home from the chimney area.  When a chimney has an above roof inclination, it is important to have a roof saddle (cricket) in place to shed water and snow away from the chimney. The flashing should consist of base flashing installed under the roofing shingles.  Each section of roofing shingles should have step flashing that is directly mortared into the chimney.    The chimney should then have counter flashing installed.   This is so important, as simply installing silicone or roofing tar, will not properly seal the roof-line.   Like anything else on your home, a flashing system requires basic maintenance to ensure that everything is water sealed.  Atlantis Masonry Victoria provides flashing repairs, as well as water sealant application to prevent water leakage into your roof and home.


In order to prevent further water damage to your chimney and home, as well as to keep birds and animals out of your home, a chimney rain cap with a proper spark arrest should be installed.  For those with multiple flues, it might be a good idea to have a top sealing damper installed.  This will help prevent the “stacking effect” or smoke entering through the flue that is not in use.

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