Brick masonry is an extremely durable type of construction. A large dense mass, capable of supporting heavy structures is constructed by placing bricks carefully. Bricks provide a classic appearance with the versatility needed for many applications.

Brick is one of the most common and oldest materials to build with in the world – it was first developed as a substitute for natural stone. Traditionally, brick is made from earthen clays, moulded into rectangular blocks, then dried or fired in order to harden them for constructing walls or other projects. Clay pavers are bricks used for flooring while the type used for indoor applications are encompass several different clays, including kaolin (China clay) that provides a finer, denser texture that makes for a more striking floor. In order to make them harder, brick flooring pavers also include shale and iron in their composition.


Our brickwork services include:

  • Brick Repairs – cracked or broken bricks
  • Brick fireplaces
  • Brick floors
  • Brick walls
  • Brick mailboxes
  • Brick walkways and patios
  • Brick mortar repair
  • Interior and exterior brick work



Our most common brickwork is brick flooring.  Find out if brick flooring is right for you!

Brick flooring can be a great choice when you want a long-lasting floor that offers a dramatic, rustic appearance. It is perfect for informal rooms, such as sunrooms, mudrooms, or laundry areas. Brick flooring is best installed on top of a concrete slab or a structurally reinforced wood subfloor. Be prepared to seal the floor after installation, and renew the seal coat every few years.


Bricks are made to last a lifetime; however, they still deteriorate over a long period of time. This is particularly true if they are left too long without proper care. Fortunately, you do not have to wait and repair the entire structure. You have the option of calling us to do the repairs. Often repairs are cheaper than replacement.

You wouldn’t want water seeping into your house through worn brickwork joints. And because the combination of wear and tear will eventually lead to joint voids between the brickwork, professional masonry contractors like us know the appropriate remedy.

Brick pointing will leave your brickwork looking untouched and prevent damage from frost. Repointing brick also thwarts the deposition of salt in crevices between the brick, which saves you potential costly repairs in future.

At Atlantis Masonry Victoria, we identify the problem prior to any repair work and then we come up with a solution. While some brickwork companies will call for complete overhauls just to cash in more, we provide you with the best advice and carry out repairs that won’t break your bank.

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